ZeezeilenZeilen in Zeeland

Weekend sailing with skipper in Zeeland

Sail àla Carte offer yacht charter with skipper.  It is ideal for weekend sailing in Zeeland.
We are a small fulltime company and our goal is to give you a fantastic sailing time.
You can rent the yacht for one day, weekend or one week. Explore Zeeland with a beautiful
modern sailing yacht with your own private skipper.

We are based in the south of the Netherlands and our Marina is at the biggest salt water lake of Europe.
The lake is called Grevelingen. If you have more time we offer also charters to Belgium or the UK.

The yacht is build in Germany and the brand is Bavaria. Three spacious cabins and two heads.
The cockpit fit easy 8 persons and the twin wheels can keep the kids busy.

Yacht charter with skipper: if you wanna sail, you sail with Sail àla Carte.

For information please call or send email : info@sailalacarte.nl

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